Healthcare, like technology is an industry that is continually changing and evolving. Being able to provide and access healthcare is more important now than ever before. Technology in healthcare plays a key role in ensuring a comfortable patient experience as well as providing efficiencies for hospitals and clinics.

From day one, Infranet has been heavily involved and dedicated to healthcare IT. We understand the focus that healthcare entities place in patient care. We also grasp the importance of uptime, security and advanced technologies in the healthcare space. Whether it is preparing for hosted Electronic Medical Records or providing voice and data solutions to connect multiple healthcare facilities together, Infranet has the expertise to help you meet your requirements.

Security can never be overlooked and healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries when it comes to data protection. Infranet provides tools and risk assessments to keep hospitals and clinics out in front of potential security breaches. We understand that a patient’s data is extremely valuable and it must be protected.

Our healthcare clients take comfort knowing that we provide 24×7 support for a mission critical industry. The importance of uptime in a hospital and clinic environment cannot be overstated. Our attention to providing redundant systems and security at multiple layers of your network makes Infranet a highly experienced IT partner for healthcare providers.

Government entities epitomize safety, accessibility and responsiveness. Technology plays a role in service vehicles, administrative offices and certainly in dispatch departments which require maximum uptime. Infranet specializes in providing services and solutions to match this critical industry’s requirements.

Disaster recovery is a common term used all across Government agencies. We specialize in providing data replication solutions for virtualized environments and we offer our Government clients the option to replicate their environment down the street or in the cloud. Being able to receive 911 calls is one of, if not the most important services local Government offers to the public.

Infranet possesses years of experience in these intense environments and we understand that many Government departments have to be prepared for worst case scenarios.

Government agencies institute plans and procedures regularly and a solid IT plan is also a necessity. Infranet provides design, planning, implementation and long term support to help Government agencies build their IT platform.

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Financial services institutions tend to be among the more aggressive users of information technology, which is deployed to improve operations, expand market opportunities and enhance customer service.

Convenience is the #1 deciding factor when choosing a bank. Years ago, most people chose a bank based on proximity to their house. Today, people want convenient access to their banking more than ever with more locations, online banking, and smartphone apps. This convenience means that more data has to be available to customers than ever before in an industry long focused on security.

Routine transactions are migrating from face-to-face, in-location transactions toward customer-driven self-service transactions that can take place onsite, or through mobile and Internet.

Infranet has the experience working the the financial services industry to help drive both security and convenience, from designing highly-available infrastructure, deploying next-generation firewalls with intrusion detection and prevention systems, and planning your disaster recovery solution, to designing a call center solution with IVR for customer self-service and migrating older physical applications to cost-effective virtual infrastucture.

Manufacturing industries are highly competitive in nature, so it’s important to choose a partner in IT that understands not only the challenges, but also is aware of the latest industry trends, to help you “stay ahead of the curve.”

Infranet understands that manufacturing companies today compete globally, leveraging e-commerce and typically have a large amount of customer-facing applications. This means fast, secure and highly available access to data is imperative.

Today’s companies are also borderless, with business units that might span many miles, or even continents. We are able to work with our many service provider partners to engineer a modern and dynamic WAN, sometimes combining a mixture of carrier ethernet services, MPLS, or VPN to give you the best solution.

In an industry vulnerable to recession, often hard to predict demand for product and supply thereof, leading to fluctuating IT budgets, it’s crucial to be as cost-efficient as possible. Infranet can help you utilize shared storage and virtualization, to gain a competitive advantage, oftentimes reusing your existing servers with vSAN to reduct total cost of ownership, or as part of a complete disaster recovery solution. Another characteristic of manufacturing industries are frequent mergers and acquisitions where IT challenges such as ip address and dial plan overlaps are often an afterthought. We are experienced in engineering you through the process. Manufacturing industries also tend to be highly mobile, requiring a robust wireless solution, yet sometimes the product itself can get in the way of adequate coverage. A thorough wireless assessment can provide the best number and placement of access points.

Manufacturer Moves Ideas Instead of People: A Case Study

Construction is an industry that focuses heavily on planning, design and project management. Technology plays an important role in this industry and Construction companies need flexible IT solutions on the job site and in the office.

IT challenges in Construction include connectivity and access hurdles based on geographic location, asset tracking and support for users that range from onsite project managers to design engineers. Construction companies rely on strategic partnerships, and projects include several moving parts and people. Infranet prides itself on being able to tailor flexible IT solutions for our Construction clients. Our clients benefit greatly from our Managed Services practice and knowing that all employees and assets are being supported no matter where they reside.

With Construction sites going up in many different regions, Infranet advises on items such as connectivity, satisfactory access to important systems and assistance in maintaining critical company data. Expertise in technologies such as virtual desktops, backend network infrastructure and even videoconferencing used for compliance and training makes Infranet an appropriate long term IT partner. Our Construction clients projects are unique, and Infranet realizes that careful analysis of each job site and administrative office is required to keep Construction companies online.