We provide outsourced IT support services to companies of all sizes in Wilmington, NC. Why outsource your IT? Technology is ever changing and can become quite complex. Does it make sense for your company to focus time, energy and effort on an area of your business that doesn’t generate revenue. Smart companies spend their time on building their business and outsource areas that are outside their core competency. By outsourcing your IT to us you get proactive, professional IT management.

Infranet has made large investments in both IT automation tools and dedicated staff to assist our clients in managing their entire IT infrastructure. We have the capability to ensure patch management is maintained and reported back to our clients. We utilize tools that monitor and alert based upon Microsoft best practices and industry defined thresholds. We then employ auto-fix scripts to remedy these issues and escalate to a technician when appropriate. These cloud based tools ensures your devices are maintained properly regardless of their location.

If you would like to forget about the headaches your IT causes you, contact us today to learn more about how easy it is to outsource your IT management to us.