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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]anufacturing industries are highly competitive in nature, so it’s important to choose a partner in IT that understands not only the challenges, but also is aware of the latest industry trends, to help you “stay ahead of the curve.”

Infranet understands that manufacturing companies today compete globally, leveraging e-commerce and typically have a large amount of customer-facing applications. This means fast, secure and highly available access to data is imperative.

Today’s companies are also borderless, with business units that might span many miles, or even continents. We are able to work with our many service provider partners to engineer a modern and dynamic WAN, sometimes combining a mixture of carrier ethernet services, MPLS, or VPN to give you the best solution.

In an industry vulnerable to recession, often hard to predict demand for product and supply thereof, leading to fluctuating IT budgets, it’s crucial to be as cost-efficient as possible. Infranet can help you utilize shared storage and virtualization, to gain a competitive advantage, oftentimes reusing your existing servers with vSAN to reduct total cost of ownership, or as part of a complete disaster recovery solution. Another characteristic of manufacturing industries are frequent mergers and acquisitions where IT challenges such as ip address and dial plan overlaps are often an afterthought. We are experienced in engineering you through the process. Manufacturing industries also tend to be highly mobile, requiring a robust wireless solution, yet sometimes the product itself can get in the way of adequate coverage. A thorough wireless assessment can provide the best number and placement of access points.


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[testimonial name=”Haresh Melwani” gender=”male” company=”Polyquest” link=”#” target=””]”The VMware View virtual desktops are a hit at Polyquest! I find myself in need of more licenses. Infranet has done a great job of assisting me from the very beginning of this project.”[/testimonial]