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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ealthcare, like technology is an industry that is continually changing and evolving. Being able to provide and access healthcare is more important now than ever before. Technology in healthcare plays a key role in ensuring a comfortable patient experience as well as providing efficiencies for hospitals and clinics.

From day one, Infranet has been heavily involved and dedicated to healthcare IT. We understand the focus that healthcare entities place in patient care. We also grasp the importance of uptime, security and advanced technologies in the healthcare space. Whether it is preparing for hosted Electronic Medical Records or providing voice and data solutions to connect multiple healthcare facilities together, Infranet has the expertise to help you meet your requirements.

Security can never be overlooked and healthcare is one of the most heavily regulated industries when it comes to data protection. Infranet provides tools and risk assessments to keep hospitals and clinics out in front of potential security breaches. We understand that a patient’s data is extremely valuable and it must be protected.

Our healthcare clients take comfort knowing that we provide 24×7 support for a mission critical industry. The importance of uptime in a hospital and clinic environment cannot be overstated. Our attention to providing redundant systems and security at multiple layers of your network makes Infranet a highly experienced IT partner for healthcare providers.