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[dropcap]G[/dropcap]overnment entities epitomize safety, accessibility and responsiveness. Technology plays a role in service vehicles, administrative offices and certainly in dispatch departments which require maximum uptime. Infranet specializes in providing services and solutions to match this critical industry’s requirements.

Disaster recovery is a common term used all across Government agencies. We specialize in providing data replication solutions for virtualized environments and we offer our Government clients the option to replicate their environment down the street or in the cloud. Being able to receive 911 calls is one of, if not the most important services local Government offers to the public.

Infranet possesses years of experience in these intense environments and we understand that many Government departments have to be prepared for worst case scenarios.

Government agencies institute plans and procedures regularly and a solid IT plan is also a necessity. Infranet provides design, planning, implementation and long term support to help Government agencies build their IT platform.

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