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[dropcap]F[/dropcap]inancial services institutions tend to be among the more aggressive users of information technology, which is deployed to improve operations, expand market opportunities and enhance customer service.

Convenience is the #1 deciding factor when choosing a bank. Years ago, most people chose a bank based on proximity to their house. Today, people want convenient access to their banking more than ever with more locations, online banking, and smartphone apps. This convenience means that more data has to be available to customers than ever before in an industry long focused on security.

Routine transactions are migrating from face-to-face, in-location transactions toward customer-driven self-service transactions that can take place onsite, or through mobile and Internet.

Infranet has the experience working the the financial services industry to help drive both security and convenience, from designing highly-available infrastructure, deploying next-generation firewalls with intrusion detection and prevention systems, and planning your disaster recovery solution, to designing a call center solution with IVR for customer self-service and migrating older physical applications to cost-effective virtual infrastucture.