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Infranet Technologies Group, Inc. is a Meraki Partner.

The Demand for centrally-managed Wi-Fi services across business locations continues to grow exponentially as more workers use mobile devices on a daily basis, and brands offer guest Wi-Fi access to improve customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

Meraki offers a set of industry-leading, feature-rich wireless LAN/ Wi-Fi solutions for businesses operating in multiple locations, with added robust security features. Managing networks in the cloud enables us to offer comprehensive, managed solutions around Meraki products and services.

Infranetgroup offers a collection of wireless solutions that create value for companies across different types of industries. Let our Meraki network consultants improve your communication, network security, and increase efficiency within your organization.

About Meraki

Meraki brings the benefits of the cloud to edge and branch networks, delivering easy-to-manage wireless solutions that enable customers to seize new business opportunities while reducing operational costs. Whether securing iPads in an enterprise or blanketing a campus with WiFi, Meraki networks simply work.

Meraki was built and designed for cloud networking. Meraki offers a complete cloud managed product family including wireless LAN, Ethernet switches, security appliances, and mobile device management, all built to simplify the challenges of modern, device and application-centric networks. Meraki is trusted by over 10,000 customers worldwide – from small sites to campuses and even distributed networks such as universities, hospitals, hotels, businesses, factories, government, and event venues.

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[testimonial name=”Gracie Bell” gender=”female” company=”Polyquest” link=”#” target=””]”We all love Infranet, our output has come a long way from before we started using it. Everyone is really impressed with how stable the network and fast transfers. Infranet has done a great job of assisting me from the very beginning of this project.”[/testimonial]