Infranet at its core is built on services and support. It has always been our goal to offer multiple levels of support, expertise in numerous technologies as well as various ways to access our assistance.

We achieve a high level of support by offering service over the phone, over the internet, through email and through our I-Care software tools. These tools allow us to give you an unmatched IT support experience with little to zero business interruption. Our remote support has evolved to the point in which onsite visits are rarely required. Our dedication and investment into providing high quality remote support continues to save our clients time and money, and we want you to realize as much up time and productivity as possible.

Our clients know that when they request our assistance, we are going to acknowledge their request promptly and we immediately begin our proven internal processes to have their request addressed in a timely manner. We also document troubleshooting steps from start to finish to further ensure customer satisfaction. Infranet uses multiple communication methods to keep our clients up to date from the time a request comes in until the ticket is absolutely complete. We believe that constant communication with the client is one of the keys to and unmatched customer service experience.