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[dropcap]L[/dropcap]et us help you make your IT department a world class eupport organization.  Our I-Care In House IT service is designed to support businesses that already have an IT department.  This starts with a complete suite of integrated applications specifically designed to enable IT personnel to respond and resolve issues in an efficient manner.  Our platform is a full featured Professional Services Automation tool that includes ticketing, reporting and remote control.  Service Boards are configured to segment different types of tickets and alerts.  Customized scripting is delivered by our internal programming team to design the controls your specific systems and applications require to provide the highest level of availability and performance.  This environment is all provided as Software-as-a-Service from fully redundant data centers, and accessible from your desk or from any web browser.

We also may complement your existing staff to handle overflow during busy periods or specific technology expertise through ticket escalation directly to the Infranet helpdesk. Furthermore, our team of experienced IT service industry veterans are available to provide the consultation and advice on how to improve your own IT support operation.

Click here to view a pre-recorded demonstration of the I-Care In-House IT solution suite and its many features including:

-Opening a ticket from the desktop
-Demo of the Control Center Desktop
-How service tickets arrive on our Service Board
-How to create a ticket via email
-Remote application installations
-Password resets
-Desktop system control options
-How to escalate a ticket to Infranet
-How to send a notification to the end user desktop
-Overview of end point security client
-System patching